Relaxation with the spring of ACATENANGO VOLCANO

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While living in the middle-of-the-way tourist route, the story of climbing Acatenango volcanoes is constantly flowing. How can I climb? Of course, it is exciting to see Volcano Fuego volcano erupt into the sky all night. No wonder it has sparked my interest for a very long time. Volcano Fuego … That is a highly regarded volcanic experience. The amount of selfies I have encountered with people with volcano erupt in the background. To blow your mind (like a volcano … see what I do there), I have been dreaming of touching the lava of the south and observing the explosion of the volcano alive and so on. The chance to climb to the viewpoint is perfect, I could not pass it up.

Pottery backpacks at Old Town costumes.

I arrive at 8:00 am to the Old Town Outfitters office in Antigua Guatemala. After making sure we have enough gear to buy climbing socks. (Do not regret it) and stop going to the store to make sure everyone has the right amount of water. We bounce along the way as we start up our guide.

One hour after driving, we arrived at the parking lot near the start of the route. Here we meet our gatekeepers. The cost of hiring a boating man is $ 25 USD a day, and believe me it is well worth it. These people are stunners, of course, my bag, and electronics, snacks and shelves for later. (Arcteryx Jacket, Icebreaker Long Sleeve Base Layer, North Face Mask, Scarf Scarf) I can give everything to the doormen.

Pro Tip: Bring lots of trash bags to cover everything you own, including your backpack, which the concierge handles because it does not allow the duffle to wrap its sleeping bag, bed sheet, tent, clothes and food into a garbage bag. These are because of the rain here often. Cold weather in the volcano Be cool and even have your gear wet. Bodes bad for sleep.

Porters in Acatenango trek
When our gatekeepers were ready, we grabbed the wood we gave us with our advice to help walk and go. Hiking is done in 4 sections of dense evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, and eventually there will be a pebble summit.

The first part brings us through the strait. Farmers with corn planted on one side of the path decently also deceptively steep. Today, the sun is shining blue, and the people in our group talk to each other very well. We will continue to walk for about 15 minutes. Take a break to get your breath and move forward. I was so happy to get the staff because there was some sand and deep dirt, which I had to focus hard to not bail. We stopped to see giant trees big enough to crawl into … forward.

Group before climbing Acatenango

The second is a very high plateau. People like walking through a cloud forest, I always wonder why. I mean no big view (white clouds) and cold and humid temperatures. But for each one The first part of the cloud walk up to about 180 built into the stairs. After climbing the ladder, we climb onto a more complex path. I will not lie, I’m breathing hard here.

Cloud forest in Acatenango hiking

Finally, we arrive at the lunch break. lunch! I’m worried about lunch I’ve heard rumors and read comments from others who climbed the mountain, which received the basic cheese sandwich for lunch, and then a second cheese sandwich dinner. I’m too hungry for that! Do not worry, our advice at Old Town Outfitters is to create a taco party for us at the volcano. We have tacos, salads, chili, fries and other foods, including nachos and dips. The reliefs are well fed.

Lunch included in the costume of the old town in climbing acatenango.

The third part of the hike was easy. The sun shining pathway consists of rolling hills more or less. This process takes about an hour. A few meters up the shortcut and finally we came to our campsite. We like the beautiful scenery of the Volcano Fuego. We sit on the volcano in the sun watching Fuego’s blaze as our guide and campsite keepers. The tents were chosen according to the size of the party and I liked my little tent.

Volcanic acatenango hike

Soon after our tent went up, the rain began to fall. We miss the rain every day I do not know. We rushed into our tent, curled up in our sleeping bags and spent the post-hike sleep – afternoon.

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