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We name the kid

We love traveling Like backpacking Like mountain tours

We are happy to see the fog in the morning.

We like to eat fruits and like motorcycles up hill to wind up.

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Phu Kradueng National Park
working time
Open Season: October 1 to May 31
Traveling season: June 1 – September 30

Service Fee

Ticket price: 20 baht for student, 40 baht for adult

* Tickets are available from 07.00-13.30 hrs. (Up to 2pm).

– Bring your own tent: Pay for the tent area at the park below when you buy the ticket.
Service charge is 30 / person / night.
– Reservation of the park: do not pay in this section.
* Park Hotel Reservation
The Park Service reserves the right to reserve up to 60 days in advance.
– Private tent: On Phu Kradueng, there are many private tents. Most of the park is not enough tents for tourists. The staff will also recommend to rent a private tent. Very inexpensive 200-250 baht / tent / night. Who did not book with Park in advance like us? Do not be afraid Come up, we will not go down easily.

Equipment / Mattress:
– Pillow 10 Baht / voucher / night
– Bed sheet 20 baht / night
– Sleeping Bag 30 Baht / Night
– Blanket 30 Baht / Night

What is needed?
– Sock Shoes: Comfortable, not biting the floor does not slip in front of the shoes should be strong. It’s a good idea to use it on a regular basis. I have to rest with my feet.
– Medicine: For people with common diseases and medications such as painkillers, balsam, inhalers, massage.
– Spray: mosquito repellent (November – April, but not see it, but ” mosquitoes ” see all)
– Flashlight: Should be in the tent or go to eat rice at night.
– Hats: sunscreen, fog and dew.
– Electronic equipment: Power Bank Mobile phone camera on Phu Kradueng will use only 6 pm to 4 pm, but the park also charges for electrical equipment at the service. Room service (limited hours)
– Raincoat sweater (should be with hood)
– Wet and dry tissues

What is more important is that the mind is ready and passion. ”

– Bus: Take the bus at Mo Chit station. There are many companies. I have to agree with you.
– Train: go to Hua Lamphong Station.
– Plane: boarding at Don Mueang Airport Come to the airport. (Should fly early morning I do not know why.
– Our trip: We got to work at Khon Kaen University and started from Khon Kaen.
To come to Khon Kaen has tears flowing. Because we need to travel the new year enough to fit 30 December. I’m not sure if this is a good idea,

Arrive at Hua Lamphong Station. We went to ask the staff.
I: “The procession to Khon Kaen is still a trade”
Officials: “3rd class reinforcements are full”
I: Face it (in my mind – what is the standing of the 3rd floor)
I: Receive the value (get puzzled and walk away) in the other 2 minutes to leave the train to scream out.

I’m going to go to the third floor. Each door is up, there is a man with a car in front of his mouth.
Wait! I’m not sure what to say.
If you do not, do not. There is no way to go. We decided to take the flat iron and insert it.
I have to understand the chests of the uncle why choose to live there.

* Imagine for me: Sit back 3 people sit next to the seat upholstery. Walking corridor Bathroom front I think it was the air intake for the 3rd class train that was closed in the brain at that time, one sentence was flashed. “How can you get the physique and the luggage of this bogie?”
When you start to understand the word ” Stand up to the 3rd floor ”, it is the next step is to stand almost to Ayutthaya. It’s blue. The calf muscles do not move. So we try to sit down and sit down on the floor smoothly. I do not think I will go anywhere else.
In the early morning, tears flowed to Khon Kaen Station. Then we went to do business. I finished thinking it. Will come here! Going back to simple, that’s right. To visit I’m not sure what to say.

We started out. Khonkaen Bus Terminal The car is down to the cliff down: it is about 70 baht (I do not remember not more than 100)
Take a minibus to the park. Police front The back legs are the same. Red minibus will park in the same park as the legs.) Price 30 baht / person.

Going to complete everything. So we went to climb up the cliff.

At the bottom, he is serving porter for 30 baht / kg, but with my arrogance. I think it’s not very heavy in size, it’s about 4 kb on the camera lens than the kk if it travels, it’s okay. But by the way, it’s a steep climb, and some of it requires a handle on the tree.

We recommend Walk barefoot Please give the duty to his uncle and auntie.
Distance: From the bottom to the top of Phukradueng. The distance is about 5 kilometers.
Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Paths: Hillside – Pangkham Charoen – Sam Hock – Sam Bon – Sam Khok – Sala Sang – Phra Pa Pa – Sam Roa – Sam Phai – Sam

From the foot of the hill to the ” Saha Hack ”, there was a feeling that this sign was missing == But he still smiled. I do not think so.

We walked not long, we reached ” Bonbon ”.
The body is still wet.

I’m going to come to the next room. ”
Walk up with the porter carrying the full forest. I would like to ask if I can add more.
I want to throw away.

We come to ” Soi Sang ” around noon.
The calf muscles began to pull on. Let’s stay for a long time.

This place has a restaurant, drinking water, patio and bathroom.
The food is ordered according to ancient ice cream, fruits such as watermelon.

Price is not expensive. Compared to where he had to bear.
I have to leave. Should buy back legs.

This uncle is down from Phu Kradueng. You say that every year. Let us come often like you.
You walk up and walk down. On the same day !!

A few moments came. ‘Prisoner of the Blade’
How tired do not forget. Take a camera and take a picture.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
I’m not sure what to do.
Why do we have to stand on the 3rd floor? Mumble Go to the next step. If you go down, it’s crazy.

Next up is ” Bamboo Reed ” because the two sides are bamboo.
It’s a pretty path.

By Sam Reed
I’m not going to walk and climb until the last ‘
Up to higher and higher. The mist is thicker and thicker.

What is this?
I have not had any fun yet.
Real Savage What’s real? Do not say so much tired!

I’m not sure if this is the case. The point is to overcome yourself.
It’s more than fatigue. But we also ordered the arm to lift the camera to shut the shutter.

That’s all I’m saying. A little closer.
First, I believe it. But enough to come here. Please do not spoil it.
The way is very steep.
The last step is the ladder to find it. Measure it almost 90 degrees here (70 degrees to see it).

When we walk up to the back We have to travel to the next 3 kb more.
It’s very chill. Compared to the past.
Your uncle will change from carrying luggage to wood. A wheelchair replacement. Very much
Along the way, there are plenty of woods. Misty streaks of time.
Go! Walk together

Visitor Center
Soon we came to the hostel.
I went to sleep with a pillow.
Now it’s almost five o’clock. We went to the tents to arrange things. I sit for a long time.
We are going to find something to eat.

Belly taut eyelids lowered
Before the eyelids will chatter. The stomach is tight with ji.
Come out to eat. Not far from the lodge
Have a variety of food But people like to eat pork. Cold Weather Do not eat pork chops.
There are eggs to cook with.
Then there will be food. The food is ordered by the jar.


And then we wait for sleep!
I was very close to sleep.
I forgot to tell you that the top has a separate toilet, but I have to separate the queue for a little longer.

We set the alarm half hit. Hurry to brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Before leaving on a trip to Phu.
Food has been sold since morning. Do not be afraid of nothing to eat.

After we have filled up the energy. We’ve expanded the map.
Choose not very far. We have to leave the area to go home with me.
That is the “bird claw”.
There are many ways to walk. But some routes will have warning signs that do not go this way before – after hours. For security reasons, follow them.

Wat Phra Kaew Temple:
On the way to the bird’s nest, we will pass the ‘Temple of the Buddha’.
Do not forget to pay homage to prosperity.

Pha Nok
The ‘bird’s eye view’ is a very wide view of the city below.
We have been sitting here for a long time.

go home :
Time out Time out
We hurried back to the tent to collect our belongings. Time to walk down from Phu Kradueng.
If there is more than this, I want to stay one night.

If anyone has a chance to try to test yourself here ” Phu Kradueng ”.
To come here, we get a lot of smiles, words from the strangers. The kindness of the people around.
Downfall from Phu Kradueng People walking in front of us, we can not walk forward. Need to bring the hospital cradle. Well, I’m careful with it.

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