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Shark Shark Dive in Playa del Carmen What adventurers do not have on their list? Shark is one of the most famous animals in the underwater world, with a reputation for aggression. They are the cause of shark attacks near shore. These sharks are large, they are thick, they are ominous and they are capable of living in salt water or brackish water. Of course, they also boast a profile that reveals rows of teeth that look awesome. The male shark has a low tolerance for provocation and is one of the greatest hunters in the ocean.

Sharks in Playa del Carmen

I knew I was going to dive while in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was on top of my activity list. I hope to experience something cool, you know like a whale shark. But I was very surprised to be playing in the bull shark season. Having a reputation as a mammoth mammoth creature, I knew it was something special. Thousands of ox sharks come to this area every year between November and February to breed and I’m just in time.

I would like this adventure. Fortunately for me, I met Jorge, one of the divers at the Dive Mike Scuba Center in Playa del Carmen.

Briefing before Bull Sharks

I came to the dive shop in the morning to gather diving equipment, and was briefed by Jorge and other “DiveMike” divers on how to use this risky method at high risk.

Brief Overview Before Shark Cow Diving

We sat in a circle while Jorge came out and advised us. We are a big group so we joined 2 other dive professionals to come with us. One was there to see Jorge’s back while he was raising bull sharks and the other to help divers for our recreation. We were instructed to go into the water and come down quickly. Then we will follow our dive master to the ‘feeding’ position 25 meters (82 feet) below the ocean surface. Here we will find a rope to hold while we are ordered to lay down and remain on the ocean floor. From this point we will observe the beautiful bull shark in action.

No fins, no fins, no sharks, no long hair, waving in the water, and no nasty camera in their faces. This is a simple observation experience.

Jorge wore in 2 layers of metal to protect him with food. He will feed the shark himself while other dive masters have the tools to protect him and us in case.

Diving with Sharks Bull

It’s happening faster than I can imagine! We landed on our submarine and before we finished setting up our equipment we were in a diving location. It is located just a few hundred meters from the shore and the swimmer (Yup! After getting a little help, both my equipment and lift me up to the edge of the boat. (I’m small and those tanks are heavy) … It’s 3-2-1- And as a diver, I do not have enough time to think about our fear in the water.

I started to cover my BCD right away. I did not screw this up. In the past, I slow down in the water so one diving master stays with me until I feel comfortable. (And proper weight) down to the others.

Submarine diving

This is the coolest part. Since it is an ocean and has a current, we have a few meters to swim to reach the feeding area. I can see the big sharks immediately and while I swim to the top of them in the same direction, it feels like I’m in the alternating universe, it feels like I’m one of them. As we came down, I did not swim over them. But crossing them ahead of them behind them … with them, they ignore me, they still swim. How are their feelings?

Finally we came to the point of feeding on me. (For the first time ever) do what I have been told. I caught the rope and put it on the ground perfectly … watching.

Swim with cow sharks.

Jorge was there with a large container filled with frozen dead fish. Sharks seem to know that drills are getting louder from the blue sea. They are everywhere in front of us behind us, and sometimes just a few feet above our heads. They would swim to Jorge, and once he would catch the fish from his container and place it in front of the scabbard. The shark will be treated immediately. If we are in the right spot, we can see some of the teeth.

The feeding time is 30 minutes. It is as fast as 5 minutes sharks.


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