Visit to Infinite Field @ Sing Buri House

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When the body needs rest. To relax with nature is to be lost. For us, seeing green fields is a pleasure to do. This time, we stopped to experience the atmosphere of the farm house at Sing Buri rice.
Visit to Infinite Field @ Sing Buri House
The homestay is a homestay.
– sleep in Thai house
– Cycling tour
– enter the front of the house.
– Learn rice and rice.
– Visit Organic Vegetable Plate + Grow Vegetable Salad
– Visit Rice Mill Rice processing And vacuum rice pack Do you have a home owner?

There are 2 types of aromatic house available. The house of the owner of the house (air conditioning) The second option is to sleep a garden house that is built into 3 Thai houses, but the garden is a fan room.

Dinner Pins are prepared to serve the dish nicely. Although it is a simple but good taste coupled with fresh vegetables grown without substance. An example of a dinner is Sesame paste, fried mackerel, sour soup, boiled pork bone, put gourd The highlight is rice, three colors, organic rice, home brands aromatic rice. We will have all the tastes.


Day 2 Morning wake up I will put the front of the house. Then go to the fresh air. Go to the bike at the end. If you go to the field, you can go to the sunset. If you come in the morning, you will see the fog.

Second day breakfast It’s a simple boiled rice. But the taste is very good. If you have a special day Pins will be served to us. (Tell the kindly owner)

The watering of bananas here is turning blue. Who wants to go with the boat?

Outright before We will choose between Growing vegetables Or learn about organic rice. We can visit the integrated rice processing plant. Here are some small mills in the house. Let’s have a look at the rice coloring process and the vacuum pack.

Main products There are jasmine rice, brown rice and rice and there are also 3 types of rice in the same pack. The package is beautifully designed to be bought back to the store.

For those who like to visit the community and want to experience the farmer. Try to drive to see it. We are very kind.

Hom Mali Rice Farm
Address: 159/1 Moo 9, Huaibai, Muang, Sing Buri
Call 08 2724 0322
Facebook: Sing Buri Rice House
The price of food and activities is 750 baht per person.


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