Morning Market in Takua Pa, Phang Nga with 4 delicious legendary restaurants. I need to lose weight.

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Takua Pa The old town is a long way to go. That was long ago. It is a prosperous community in the Andaman Sea. As a result, many Chinese migrants came to work in the mines. Takuapa was a trading market. And the golden age of mining is very active.

Even today, Takuapa seems to be a little lonely. But the calm and simple way of the villagers are also charming to find not deteriorate. Whether it is a blockhouse full of Sino-Portuguese architecture, beautiful costumes of the Baba, community life, street art. Spread over almost every corner. And a legendary restaurant, which is still waiting for foreigners as we visit the mouth to taste a moment in life.

The ancient dessert Aunt Alan.

Or 100 years of dessert sold in the market. (Takua Pa Municipal Market) Here only one. And it will sell very quickly. This recipe is not like anybody and no one like. This is an ancient chronology. At the dough is a flour milling with rice and rice and a little fresh coconut paste. And then the mills themselves day by day. It is fresh, fragrant, soft, like some people.

The process of doing. When the stove is hot, bring the flour to the milling surface to smear on the oven in a good enough size. I started to rip some pages. With sugar cane Place the filling is a small red kidney beans. Then sprinkle with a little more scrambled coconut, eat hot, flour, fragrant crispy, sweet smell of sugar cane. The red beans are sweet, so good!

I have been selling this for 30 years and have inherited the formula since the old man who is now falling from a legend to the death. Only aunt Lian who is still inherited to the present. And every sale from 5 to 8 am, half a day, sell well 8 hours, then the holiday is just a business. If anyone wants to go tasting. I have to ask before I have to ask.

The ancient dessert Aunt Alan.
Coordinates: Takua Pa Market (Takua Pa Municipal Market)
Opening Hours: Daily 05.00 – 08.30 hrs.
Phone: 08 7268 3105

Jin Gui Shop

This restaurant was formerly a non-stop open-air restaurant. But with the changes in the modern era, this jinco shop will be known as. Old Ancient Coffee Shop Open for 70 years and inherit the successor to the second generation.

There is a breakfast buffet. Most of our customers are familiar with the taste. Familiar with menu Come and do not have to say much to sit at the restaurant will be served to be friendly. This is like a coffee shop in the morning, the old people will sit and eat dim sum tea. And talk like a family out of home.

The main menu is desserts, dim sum, cayote, casserole, steamed fish balls, steamed banana and hot tea, but the price is not expensive at all. From 12 Baht How to eat something ordered. Or will be filled to the table at all. But the restaurant will only charge money to eat. This dim sum restaurant in Takuapa is a perfect place to get away from it all.

The taste is delicious home. Do not need much The frying pan in front of the restaurant. Dipping with custard special recipe is not sweet like our home. It’s delicious to me.

Jin Gui Shop
Coordinates: 29 Chaengwattana Rd., Takua Pa, Phang Nga
Opening Hours: Daily: 04.00 AM. – 11.30 AM.
Phone: 0 7642 5442


The name is like a noodle shop. But is it an ancient coffee shop? Siwako male sold more than 50 years from his father to children, now he is the 3rd generation heirloom, and in the shop also has a yellow chic to match the architecture of the Sino-Portuguese style. How to get rid of the temptation to sit down.

Although it is called a coffee shop. The name is like a noodle shop. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but it’s a good one. Serve in a well-sized bowl. But Im over The price was incredibly just 30 – 35 baht only.

If you order porridge, it must be eaten. The option is dim sum with it to fit together. Sales are open every day. But if you want to stop, then there is no reason. But it only stops once a month twice. For fear of the customer. Did not eat

And if you want to eat me. And porridge But not sure if the shop closed. Please click on the link and follow it at this phase. Coffeechay / Coffee men do not miss it.

Coordinates: 204 Takua Pa (Takua Pa Old Market) Phang Nga
Opening Hours: Daily 06.00 – 10.00 hrs.
Phone: 08 1728 6193

Aunt Prem

Aunt Prem I do not understand why you do not understand why people have to eat every day, there is no answer to ask aunt Prem is not the same reason. We need to try to prove ourselves.

Aunt Prem And you, auntie. Two Sri brothers at Takua Pa to help each other sell together to cook until the sale of raw materials until the age of 60 years have a recipe that is original. It’s a sweet sauce made from pretty pink chenille. The texture is followed by salty sour meat, salted, mixed in the sauce. It is a delicious and not to cook.

The soup is a sweet pork skewer soup. The fresh produce is made fresh every day such as ground bean paste, chili powder, orange juice, chili

Pork ribs are made by themselves, soft and sweet tongue. The menu also includes pork noodles, fried noodles,

Auntie said that if you want to sit pretty casual, eat quickly, then come to the morning until late, because about 11 o’clock, people will start to order to eat until late afternoon, come quickly. I do not have to wait long. I do not need a man because the aunt Prem and Auntie will close the shop to measure it.

Aunt Prem
Coordinates: 194 Sri Takua Pa (Old Market Takua Pa) Phang Nga
Opening Hours – Daily: 10.30 am – 5.00 pm (Closed daily)
Phone: 08 7275 7947

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