I do not see the sea Rayong.

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Each one of them said that more than 70 percent would think of Koh Samet as the first. There are beaches like Mae
Ramphu Beach, Saengchan Beach, and I think that few people will mention the tourist attractions on land. It is true that Rayong has a distinctive sea, but really, besides the sea Rayong, there are also many good hidden. This is my first trip to Rayong.

This is my first trip to the trip to work with my brother. This trip was organized to celebrate the retirement. The program of his brother is to go to the gold field. Then take a rafting in nature. And stay overnight at the raft. I planned that after the rafting. I will go out with my small group.

I leave from Lopburi around 05.00 am. Follow the motorway through Ban Bung and go straight to Klaeng to Klaeng

     then visit the power before the fish dumplings. The name is Klang.

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