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Half of the island is full of tourists, while the other half is still wild and free. Most of the small islands are welcome … to Cozumel, Mexico.

We took the ferry to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen in the morning. Previously, I had visited the park to visit and what kind of activities there were, so I felt prepared for our visit. As soon as our ferry docked at Cozumel, all the plans were collapsed. Instead of catching a taxi to Chankanaab like I had planned, I was forced to rent a suspicious jeep from a guy I met on the road while my friend was in the bathroom. I would like to say that I was surprised. But that’s how my life works. Yah needs to be flexible. Is traveling to …

Our jeep; She is red, she is a woman and we call her “Lindsay”. We squeeze ourselves into her, turn the keys and … “Do not worry,” said our new friend and famous gypsy car owner, “Lindsay,” as he Waved to us “Please try again … she will start” he assured confidently. We did not hesitate anymore, we crossed our fingers and rolled out. At this point, we all felt pretty committed. She had no gas … Step one … get gas as if we wanted to start. She again Do not worry that it will work as long as we are still outside the four gear … and three … and the second is the fifth day is the first day. I recorded a snapshat of Linsday for you guys at the bottom of the page, you see what I mean.

Well, now that we have wheels, we are not limited to walkable or cab sights. We have free range of islands. Let’s have lunch. First things first, we stopped at one of the lovely restaurants in the city, with live bands playing for quite a fun snack of nachos.

Things to do in Cozumel
Our first plan was to visit the Chankanaab National Park before the cruise tourists arrived to take all good points. This park is just a taxi from downtown Cozumel, a private park with access to the beach. Here you can access the family friendly area with snorkeling, zip-diving, nature trails and tequila. The park has dolphins and sea lions, 385 pesos (21 USD) and is ideal for families looking for outdoor activities throughout the day.

Check us not a family. Check two now we have a reliable jeep, so we decided to skip this interesting tourist spot and go for something that blocked.

Cozumel Beach

Go to the San Gervasio Ruins where we go while I say this is off the square, it is impossible to get to the tour company offering a trip to the ruins. But I guess when someone visits Cozumel, they are interested in having fun in the spot where the sun and not a lot of places to learn. I know this because of the lack of people in this relatively large and open archaeological site. Indeed, I believe that San Gervasio Ruins is an example of the Mayan archeology not to be missed, such as the small Chichen-Itza.

Pan of the San Gervasi Ruins

San Gervasio is the center where women will go to the Goddess Ix Chel. The deity of the moon gives birth, fertility and weaving. For 90 pesos ($ 5USD), you can go to the ruins and spend at least half a day with them. he With fair distribution, there are a number of beautiful hiking trails that you appreciate as you explore the route from site to site. Here you will find the typical Mayan pyramids, as well as the place for offerings and where the women are visiting. Archeology is in good condition, making visiting these ruins a pleasant one.

Ruins of San Givarsi

Back in “Lindsay” with her fingers crossed at her start without pressing. It’s like a dream that turns and “vroom, vroom” leaves us.

Our original plan was to visit the Faro Garden. Celerain Eco Park is located south of the island and is a top destination of Cozumel. The park is also known as ‘Punta Sur’, which includes the ecological area. A 2,500-acre site that protects native species including crocodiles and sea turtles. Here you can also find archaeological sites called Caracol Mayan Ruins, as well as the old lighthouse which can be explored. Finally, within the park there is Laguna Colombia, a peaceful area full of hammocks. Again, this would be another great spot for families to enjoy. This park has 255 pesos (14 USD)

With the Jeep Linsday working well, we drove around the island by the ocean en route to Faro Celerain Eco Park. This is my favorite part of the day. Does the upper part of the jeep blow warm and the sun shine up?

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