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With its gorgeous seawater, soft white sand and special stones lined in the sea, no doubt Tayrona National Park is the leading tourist destination of Colombia. Tayrona is located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. One hour bus ride from Santa Marta. If you are interested in spending a few days in Tayrona National Park, here are some 9 things to expect. Overtax your way to run a little smoother.


Travel is in a difficult way … It is much easier.
Traveling into the park until Cabo San Juan is rumored to be a more difficult journey than it actually is. Contrary to popular belief is not 5-6 hours rock climbing high intensity travel. Take a leisurely 2 hour walk through the beautifully landscaped jungle. I know I expect more. But ended up trading my hikers for flip flops. Halfway through, we walked by wooden boards, walked up and down the stairs, and even went by the beach. Hot and sweaty walk But then again what is not in Santa Marta. You can grab lunch in the restaurant along the way, stop fresh juices or swim at the beach. However, there is no reason to expect physical rigor in this walk.


Take a minibus into the forest entrance.
When you reach the entrance to the park and pay 38,000 pesos, the actual hiking trail is a 45-minute to an hour-long paved walk. If it is not available in the workplace, you may have a minibus. These are located about $ 3,000 in entrances, which saves time … and your feet.


If you are an old man, go to San Juan Cabo.
There are different campsites along the forest trail of Tayrona, which are only 30 minutes away. If you are a socialite, Cabo San Juan is another campsite for you. And with limited electricity and quiet. If you are interested in beach games, attendees and restaurants, then head to Cabo San Juan.


There are expensive restaurants and eventually you are tired of fried foods.
Do the best to prepare the camp. That means bringing some water and packing some food. You can buy 5 liters of water in Santa Marta at the same price as 1.5 liters in Tayrona. Even though there is a restaurant at Cabo San Juan, it is quite expensive, about $ 10-15 a meal, and it’s all fried. Your stomach is tired of frying / frying chicken next to patacones for every meal. Pack a dinner or two some sandwiches for lunch and some granola for breakfast … I promise you will not regret it. There is no full cooking facility, so make sure you prepare for the trip. It should also bring snacks to this day.


If you need a hammock in the pavilion … you must come first.
You recognize the iconic image of Tayrona National Park. It shows the gazebo at the top of the rock overlooking the sea, with a 360 degree view. You can stay in the hammock if the hammock in Tayrona is met. So if it’s in the pavilion it’s important for you to arrive early. You have about 30 minutes after 9:00 am Check out to arrive if you want to get up there.


It’s cool in the pavilion … dressed warmly … and nowhere to pee.
Yaho, you are on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and it seems to be a hot spot during the day. However, it had windy and open air in the pavilion for a cool evening. Cold sea breeze, so if you’re here, give the night a layer. Having a sweater, pants and socks will make the experience better and more comfortable.

Also, if you are here, you should know the bathroom is far away. So if you want to use the toilet at night, it will walk down the stairs across the beach through the restaurant and go to the facility. Although there is no 360-degree view, staying on a hammock on the ground is a more comfortable option, and you can head for the pavilion and deck to enjoy the view all day.


Bring the light to you. The electricity will go out at 11:00 in the dark and dark in the woods.
Electricity in the garden is limited from 10:00 to 23:00 and when the lights go out at night, it will darken. This makes the star look great. But for everything, it’s wise to bring some kind of light with you. It will allow the light at the table to finish playing the card game or find a bathroom at night and may help in finding your hammock / tent.


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