Chill for Chinese New Year with 7 trips, Chinese style, easy travel Inhale the dragon’s scent

February 7, 2019 at 11:22 am by AdminREC | Posted in Thailand

正 如意 新年 发财 Xin Jia Yu Yi Xin Huat Chai “Chinese New Year party atmosphere Why are you sitting in the house? Going out for a Chinese New Year, this time, PaiNaiDii is serving 7 Chinese-style trips that are easy to travel. Inhale the dragon’s scent Said that the city and metropolitan area is the most extreme Where are you going to see



“Yaowarat”, the largest Chinese commercial district in Thailand It is a source of trade, food, gold shops and traditional Chinese markets with Chinese style appliances to choose from. Before the Chinese New Year festival Here will be a major source of respect. But after passing the time paid Anyone who loves to eat delicious food, walk here, endorse “Fin” because there is a delicious selection from street food stalls to street food restaurants.



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