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Cartagena Harbor, the cruise ship and jewel of the Caribbean Coast of Columbia, is famous for its beautifully colored buildings, surrounded by architectural and archeological history. The shopping center filled with restaurants, clothing stores and emerald shops, Cartagena is a great place for casual travelers. Take a moment to step outside of Cartagena and look into the activity. This is a bit dirty and a little dirty here in Colombia. El Totumo volcano mud bath


El Totumo Volcano is about an hour’s drive from Cartagena. The volcano rises about 15 meters above the ground and is accessible by stairs leading to the crater. Mud volcanoes can hold about 15 people, warm mud bath with extra massages from attendees. The folklore of the volcano is at one point. It spewed fire, ash and lava. Then the local priest brought the holy water into it and turned it into mud, which is now rumored to have the power to heal. You will have your rights.


Our trip to El Totumo Volcano begins in the morning at 7.30 am, driving through Colombia’s Santa Catalina district, which offers sweeping views of the tropical zone. When we pulled up to the volcano, I would be honest … I was a little confused. It’s a little bit bigger than I expected, and even a little bit … in my opinion, manmade, no matter where I am, there I strive, if nothing else, it would be a funny experience.

We launched a small building with a changing room with lockers for our luggage. Next we have paid the entrance fee. We could give our phone to attendees to take photos of us while we were in mud for only $ 3,000 pesos ($ 1.50). I love this! It is good to take them to take pictures with our phone and not to ask awkward questions. “Can you take me fast?” These people can use the camera and are amazing enough to remember who they are (there are always 6 or 7 cameras on hand).


When in our swimwear, we walked up the stairs of the volcano and took our first look into the magical basin we were climbing. There are two staircases in the volcano and when we are inside, we can see the volcano’s frame … But who will decide this? They are down the stairs to the mud, which feels strange. It was not too warm, it was thick enough to float in, but not overwhelmed, but not on top of … I do not know … I suppose. What a cosmonaut feels like in gravity.


There are a number of young men in the mud volcano waiting to ‘massage’ for $ 3,000 pesos. We have been warned before entering the volcano … you can not see their hands under the mud and have news. Rumors of slippery fingers ‘so I entered the volcano by screaming, “No gracias … no gracias … no no no no … gracias … no quiero’ gentlemen and ladies, i help you


I was amazed at how many people fit this volcanic pool. Add another group to the tour group that is inserted into the volcano. When you are in this slip of the mud, you have no control over what you do. You may be perfectly balanced. But as soon as someone bumps you … disappears and you can not stop. My hands, feet, knees, elbows and feet are walking along the places where they are not people joining the volcano. There are no options for segmentation, so there is a lot of speed in between. We have many flips around the volcano. But it’s time to go out … I’m okay with it. I headed ahead and climbed up to the summit of a volcano where people were helping to chase me away … and take a photo.

From here, we were guided by the volcanoes to the neighboring lakes, where some women brought us one by one into the lake. This is something you do not want and do not mind. They catch you and take you into the water. When deep enough in the lake, they told us to sit down and start splashing water in our faces with a plastic bowl. They clean us and thoroughly at that. They are cleaning their arms and even our ears … Yes, I think I have a finger in my ear. Before I knew it, the girl took my bikini out … and then? … What happened. She is cleaning the mud from my swimsuit just like me. I can not stop laughing A few seconds later, she can pull the bikini bottom of her bikini. I do not know how she managed it. But i was naked

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