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It’s scary … actually quite scary. Every year, thousands of people flock to Léon, Nicaragua to experience slipping down the sides of the volcano with unreasonable speed on a slab of legit sound. Let me tell you what it’s like.

Cerro Negro is one of the youngest volcanoes in Central America, and is still the most active, with 23 eruptions since 1850. Indeed, in 1999 some The point may be that people think it would be a fantastic idea to make this volcano cover the snowboard ‘fun point … he is also an Australian figure. In order to reach the maximum speed, he slides this volcano down into everything he can find from the refrigerator door. Now tourists flock to this exact volcano, which sits on a simple wooden plate hoping for the best … This is my experience.


We were picked up in the morning from the Bigfoot Hostel where I and another 30 people piled into the back of an open-air truck. We left the city and bounced along the dusty road through only the farmers and his cattle from time to time. Getting to the base of the volcano is nothing but relaxation. You have to hold on to everything and everyone around you. When we reached the volcanic base, we jumped out of the car, took our admission and got a backpack filled with glasses, jumping and finally our car for today … The bottom is metal


Walking up to the summit of the volcano is not as bad as it seems. The sun of Nicaragua may be slightly violent. At times, I mean the shade, not the thing that is often associated with volcanic flakes. Path to the top But to wear well makes it pretty easy to climb. Carry all of our gear, including our boards, we walked up the volcano, taking pictures every few minutes to take a picture. When we reach the summit, we are able to leave our things and absorb the exciting view of the breathtaking landscape of the Cordillera de los Maribois. Like this After a short time enjoying the beauty of our surroundings, we looked down to STEEP … not just steep slopes. But it’s really steep.


We had to wait for our turn to watch the other group disappear one by one from the mountain. This volcano has a fairly steep stance so you can see the rider immediately after they push from above. With the remote truck waiting for us at the bottom, we began to suit in our jump suit and glasses. All of us shiver with nerves and fight those who go before.


The manual explains how it works. Stick with the ropes so much the more you sit up, you will go slower when you lean back, you will go faster. Oh they remind us often to keep our feet flat on the ground. I chose to go to two. The truth is, I want to see one person do it, then go before I see other people wrong and make myself afraid.

When it was our turn, we lined up respectively, and before I knew our first one flew down the side of the volcano. I am the next I sat down on my wooden deck doing my best not to slide the volcano before I was ready. I still pass the rules in my head … ‘Sit up flat feet, sit up flat feet’ and finally I closed my eyes and was closed. Let’s be serious here, even if I open my eyes immediately … No one wants to do this blind.


I was off, my speed increased dramatically, and the dust and debris of the erosion erupted everywhere. I try to ride to control my speed. But it does not seem to work. I try my best to keep my feet flat and my buttocks on the board to prevent any possible accidents. I hold tight and finally I have seen the bottom. The slowdown due to the volcanic ruggedness is the only way to stop the collapse of the country. I was almost there, it seems that I did not breathe forever … because I did not At the bottom of the volcano, but there are waves in the scree like bumps on the road. Imagine hitting high speed bumps while driving fast in the car without bumps. My bouncing board just like me was lucky for me, I went back onto my board repeatedly. However, this is not the case for everyone. Eventually I began to slow down, finally came to the control point. I do it without falling!


After I first breathed in what seemed to be that way, I looked down. Even though I wear mountain boots and full jumps, my legs and hands are bleeding and my smile is black because every piece of stone can manage to find the way.

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