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Ice fishing at Abashiri Lake



In this period, Hokkaido still has cold weather. Until the water in the Abashiri Lake solidifies into a vast ice surface Able to go for a walk

Which the popular activities of Hokkaido people who often do during this time are ice 
fishing. The staff will drill a small hole. To penetrate into the water floor Through 
ice sheets that are very thick

After that, drop a small hook into the hole and wait for the fish to eat. While waiting 
to be able to see the surrounding scenery that is full of beautiful nature, awakening to
the Thai people as well


Especially the angles of the angler's winter tents lined up on the white ice floor, 
which is a very beautiful minimal image.
Wait just a little, the little fish comes to hook. Which the fish is called Kawasaki 
fish Is a fish that is very delicious to make tempura Delicious like never before. 
Want everyone to really try


And this is the charm of ice fishing Which is considered a new experience for us 
If anyone has a chance to visit Hokkaido, must not miss. Ensure that you enjoy and 
enjoy the beautiful nature as well.

Travel to the Abashiri Lake You can take a plane from the Jubu Centrair International 
Airport and get off at Asahikawa town and easily connect to Abashiri city. The aircraft 
price is not expensive because ANA has organized promotions for foreign tourists flying 
in the country. Jubu Centrair International Airport goes to Asahikawa City for 
only 10,800 yen. Anyone interested in going to ice fishing during this time still has time. 
Sure to impress

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