Get up in the desert: CLIMBING LASCAR VOLCANO

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Standing at 5,592 meters (18,346 ft) in Chile’s northernmost volcano, Lascar; One of the most active volcanoes in South America. The Las Vegas Volcano continues to erupt with the explosion that occurred between 2006 and 2011, excluding the last volcano in 2015, so clearly there is no alternative than climbing. I can not resist active volcanic climbing like this. I climbed the volcano Cotopaxi in Ecuador and erupted a week after my summit … I thought it was very exciting. There is something for me to enjoy than to seduce fate and how better to stare into the smoke pits at the peak of the volcano. (Ok, that might be an amazing representation … but you get)

Volcanic altiplano views and other volcanoes.
I lived in San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile a few weeks ago. San Pedro is located at an altitude of 2,407 meters, so I consider myself to be accustomed to the fact that the Las Vegas 5702m summit was not overwhelming. The day before I accidentally climbed the mountain, I organized tours from several companies located on Caracoles. They all charged the same price and worked on the same recommendation so much, so I chose the one that got out the next day.

Altiplano Desert View and Atacama

At 5:00 am, when my mountain guide came to me. This is the first time climbing a mountain is very high. I do not know what to expect. My only plan is to survive on my fitness level alone.

I wear a double base heat sock, stockings, socks and hiking boots, fleece jackets, gortex jackets, 3 buffs and 2 pairs of gloves … I hope I have brought more. Check out my travel shop to see the gear I use to climb! Having a raynaud does not make this race with the cold easier. But i’m ready I threw a cookie in my pocket, put a bottle of water and coffee (I know), I knew, and jumped into a van full of other climbers waiting.

Enjoy the high peaks of Lascar volcano volcano.

After driving through the desert and small villages for an occasional 3 hours, we were finally surrounded by vast vacations with only occasional lagoons and the highest mountains of the altiplano. If we just cruised in 4X4 through the desert, we finally stopped looking at the beautiful lake. Our guide tells us that we are about 4000 meters away and we are stopping for a bland breakfast with a view. We scrambled out of the car to get a Chilean breakfast of cheese, bread and a cup of warm cocoa. It’s colder than I expected! What … I think this is San Pedro! Needless to say I ate the most shaky breakfast in the car. After breakfast, it’s time to go. Get back into the car as we drive up another 300-400 meters parked at the base of our smoking Volcan Lascar.

Lascar Volcano Hiking Trail

I will stay with you Personally, I think Las Vegas Volcano is a great choice for getting started in high-level meetings. That is, if you are willing and able to take the time to adjust to the altitude I have done in San Pedro de Atacama (eg do not try to get out of sea level up to 5000 meters at once … it will. However, in terms of terrain, it is not steep, and while it is slippery, these trails have been climbed so often refined. Climbing up and down the path slowly and steadily. Climbing technique

On the way up Lascar Volcano

Step by step our 2 tour guides, 2 other tourists and I walked up the ramp. I feel good as long as I’m still active and my body is warm (Raynaud’s). Adaptation to my environment is efficient. I breathe good and walk well … two more climbers … not much. They did not spend enough time in San Pedro and walked a little slower. I moved ahead of them and whenever I get a little far I would just sit back and grab my pre-packed coffee and take a little break. Talk about the top cafe of the world … is it better? I want it very exciting. But this is how it goes until I reach the crater.


It smells sulfur smoke continuously coming from below. I was sitting on the edge of the crater to watch the particle of breathing that might be fire while I was waiting for my fellow climbers. It was so cool. The true summit of Lascar was not a crater above. The other two of my climbing couple chose to cross the summit as a crater was their goal. But I can not resist. So one of the guides and I headed to the actual summit. When we arrived, it was cold and windy. My advice and I took a view together, snapped a few shots and headed back down.



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