5 Check-in point “Doi Ang Khang”

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Doi Angkhang, a land of romance. And once in my life I have to visit. It is one of the most popular, even though the time has passed, how long can not make the tour to Doi Ang Khang down to it. Doi Angkhang is a destination for travelers who want to experience the cold. Watch the beautiful winter flowers and plants. Sunrise and Fog Experience the mountain lifestyle with ethnic diversity. And if the early-mid-January. Also see the original Sakura flowers in the station. Including the tiger bushes throughout the mountain, it adds to the romantic many more. For those who have not been to Doi Angkhang, or may have been, but may not be the point. Doi Ang Khang has many interesting checkpoints. Together we have gathered the main points to see that there are some points in this review.

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Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station

Of course, the main highlight of Doi Angkhang is Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station. This is the first royal project of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty the King was established by His Majesty the King. To buy land and farm in Doi Ang Khang. Then please graciously. The project is a royal to serve as a research and experimental plant for winter crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, winter. This is an example for hill tribe farmers to cultivate these crops instead of opium. Later, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Name that Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station With the beautiful flowers of cold winter. Later, the station. It has been developed as a tourist attraction. Visitors can visit the station. Take a private car to visit or take the tour of the station. 50 baht per person. The cost is 50 baht per car. The driving style is circular loop back to the same point in front of the entrance to buy one ticket to visit a few times on the same day. I have taken pictures all the time. The main attraction is Somdej Park, which is located in front of the entrance. The same is the breeding house of roses. The flower garden is located opposite the royal garden. Next to the center of the station is the 80 Rose Garden. The Angkhang Club, which is a restaurant and coffee shop. Finish the program at the plum garden and vegetable garden, which is opposite the plum garden.

 The winter garden flowers in the herb garden are grown every year and vary seasonally. Therefore, visit each year to see the different flower garden.

 Rai Tea Plantation 2000

One of the attractions is a beautiful sunrise with mist. See the atmosphere of the stripe tea in a corner. Two thousand tea gardens are located on the left hand side. If you come here to have a beautiful atmosphere should arrive at about 6.30 am to catch the sunrise.

 Strawberry Tree Ranch

The strawberry planted along the shoulder is stepped down. In the morning around 7.30 – 08.00 am will find the warm sunshine over the mist at dawn, which huddle along the hillside, which is the backdrop. It is warm and romantic. And also see the way people live to collect strawberries in the morning as well. You can also buy fresh strawberries from the garden. Sweet taste delicious Return home.

 Doi Angkhang Operation Base

It is about 1 kilometer before the Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station. It is a foggy spot and the beautiful sunrise of Doi Angkhang. View this point to get the atmosphere and light. Should arrive around 6.30 -07.00.

Mountain View

Close to Doi Ang Khang Another popular viewpoint of Doi Angkhang. Visitors to the sunrise and sea view Mist point .this point should arrive around 6.30 am to watch the sunrise in time


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