Ban Mai Temple, Suvarnabhumi

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This morning still focuses on merit Continue to enter the temple, next destination, Ban Mai Temple, Suvarnabhumi Another beautiful temple of Kamphaeng Phet. Must come to see the beauty of the temple Including the pillars and gates of the temple, which are beautifully sculpted Is a unique part of the northern path And pay homage to the large Reverend Father To Buddha statue of Lanna art in the temple Walked inside the temple and felt a sense of calm and tranquility Ban Mai Temple, Suvarnabhumi Is a temple in Tha Khun Ram Which has outstanding Northern Lanna architecture That should not be missed, come to visit


And during the last week of every month Every Friday – Saturday from 16.00 – 21.00 hrs. At the area of Ban Mai Temple will have Sam Withi Community Market can stop for a walk and have dinner together.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Start at the first point first, Kamphaeng Phet City Pillar Shrine Another sacred place Which is located in the historical park area Appeared as one of the city pillar shrines Is a place of worship and worship of the people of Kamphaeng Phet Province The real city pillar shrine is inside the tower, which has been renovated and garnished again to prevent damage, so visitors are not allowed to close the gold.

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