Phra That Doi Ko

October 9, 2019 at 6:42 am by AdminREC | Posted in Thailand

From the hot spring not far We went to another prominent attraction. Phra That Doi Ko Stands majestically on the top of Doi Ko Mountain Next to the Yom River In addition to worshiping Phra That Doi Ko Is also a beautiful viewpoint with a view of the mountains Yom River that flows through The houses of the villagers and the verdant fields in the rainy season After the rain, there is still a chance to see the fog. And in the winter it is one of the most beautiful sea view spots in Phrae.Rawat is located on Doi Ko. Which is a small hill that is not very high The path up to Phra That Doi Ko in some parts is quite narrow and slightly curved. Must drive carefully The road is a paved road. All types of cars can be reached. When arriving, park your car at the parking lot which doesn’t have a lot of space. After that, walk a few steps up the Naga stairs to reach Phra That Doi Kor.


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