Guanyin Palace

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Next destination is not far from Wat Lat Krabang in Soi Chok Chai 4, Intersection 39 within the palace area. It is home to ten thousand Buddha pagoda. Inside is a large statue of the Guanyin Panther, carved from sandalwood from China. Covered with real gold with a face 20 pages enshrined in 4 directions. Inside the palace is wide, shady, shaded and has architecture. Thousands of beautifully carved statues

The architecture of Phra Mae Kuan Yin Palace is built in Chinese style. In the courtyard area in front of the palace, Sukhavati Building,

Shad Fa God of the Earth, and the large dragon pillar, which enshrines Phra Mae Kuan Im Maha Bodhisattva. And Prince Hai Hai Bodhisattva

Upon arriving inside the palace, you will feel cool and shady atmosphere. Arriving, you should pay a visit to 
the Goddess Kuan Yin, enshrined in the Phra Maha Chedi. Located around the 4 directions, in which the entrance 
to the front has various kinds of worshiping goddess Kuan Yin Let us choose to make merit When looking up on the 
top of the pagoda, you will notice the small Buddha image enshrined around the pagoda called Buddha 10,000 Buddha 
statues and sculptures Gods Which is made of marble and granite. Located in the pagoda and surrounded the pagoda 
Around the pagoda will see 108 buckets of Chinese style donated coins arranged in a row called Om Om Mani 
Pank Hong Mee Hong.

The outstanding things of the Guan Yin Palace The area around the palace is filled with stone carvings, statues of various gods. That are arranged in a row around the pagoda, whose statues are all white, very exquisite The statues will be displayed in sections with signs explaining the statistic of the statues in each zone as well as statues of any gods. Examples of statues of gods that we know are Pao Bun Jin, God of Guan Yu, Siang Emperor. 18 Chinese arhat

For those who believe and respect the Guan Yin Or those who want to watch the beautiful carving Can come to visit every day But if coming Saturday and Sunday, can come to lift the elevator to see the top pagoda which is enshrined of the Buddha Sarismik relatives, too.


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