Ris Cafe

January 19, 2020 at 12:32 pm by AdminREC | Posted in Thailand

End the afternoon. Sweeten the age with cute toys at Ris Cafe, a coffee shop in Lat Phrao area. Which is decorated with toys in almost every corner of the shop, including Rego Tukta games, in addition to the shop interior that has excellent ideas In terms of serving, the menu is equally chic. Arranged in a tray, decorated with toys and letters, the name of the owner of the menu is very cute. Transformed into a fun cafe In addition, there are many chic shooting angles suitable for all ages

The shop is located on the street in the alley. There are 3-4 parking spaces. A small shop in front of the shop is a white building with orange brick walls. There is a soft white cloud floating beside the store’s name. Including the brightly colored rainbow on the front It’s a sweetness. Which, if anyone has passed by, must look The front of the shop has a nice little green corner decorated with cute ideas as well. Haven’t left gimic playfulness

In the colorful colorful shop It is decorated with hundreds of toys all over the shop, including on the table, counter, window sill. Make the atmosphere inside the shop bright. Giving the feeling back to be a child again Each zone can be decorated with bright corners.

Every table is decorated with various toys, including children. And adults like us can play and enjoy


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