Wat Lat Krabang

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Full stomach, stop by to make merit With outstanding temples in this area When entering the temple, you will find a temple that has beautiful architecture. Enshrined 3 large Buddha statues on the 2nd floor of the building. The most important thing of the temple is The castle, which contains the Lord Buddha’s relics That was brought from Sri lanka Enshrined at the Phra Dao Chedi pagoda above the head of the God of the Open World


The lower level of the temple is the merit-making zone. Whether respecting statues like the famous maestro, including Luang Por Tuad, Luang Por To, offering Make merit, fill up the oil lamp Pay respect to God instantly Worship the Guanyin And in the front is the Brahma, Wat Lad Krabang Enshrined in the front arch is also a mention of the sacred as well

Second floor of the temple With Luang Pho Phutthasothon replicas The principal Buddha image enshrined in the 
middle of the temple The area around has many different Buddha statues. Elaborate Inside the temple, the temple 
has built a replica of Buddha images around the country, such as Luang Pho Sothon, Luang Pho Phet, Luang Pho, 
Ban Laem Temple. Enshrined in the temple Can say that come Wat Lad Krabang, the only temple Able to pay respect 
to the sacred Buddha images in almost the whole country

With a front terrace That enshrined a large Buddha statue when viewed from the second floor temple Beautiful


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