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REPLACEMENT COST/PURCHASE PRICE COVERAGE – Available to be purchased on RV’s no more than 2 model years old. Once the coverage is purchased, in the event of a total loss on a motor home 5 model years old or less, this coverage provides for a ‘brand new’ replacement cost vehicle. This is often referred to as ’new for old’ coverage. If the vehicle is greater than 5 model years old, this coverage provides for the payment of the lower of the Rating Base or Purchase Price. The Purchase Price is the actual price paid by the insured shown on the bill of sale. In both instances your original investment in the RV is protected. This coverage expires after the 10th model year. Visit for Car Insurance Birmingham



$1,000,000 LIABILITY LIMITS IN THE UNITED STATES – First $1,000,000 available through Progressive Insurance. $2,000,000 Available Soon!


24-HOUR TOWING & ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE COVERAGE – Progressive provides coverage TO THE NEAREST QUALIFIED REPAIR FACILITY and necessary labor at the place of disablement due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, dead battery, flat tire, lockout, insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluids, or entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand within 100 feet of the roadway. Coverage is extended to trailers and vehicles being towed by a motor home and vehicles towing travel trailers. Immediate roadside assistance can be obtained 24 hours a day, any day of the week, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. There is no limit to the number of occurrences and the deductible does not apply. Click for Car Insurance Bolton

EMERGENCY VACATION EXPENSE – If your RV becomes inoperable due to a covered loss more than 50 miles from home, Emergency Vacation Expense Coverage pays for reasonable temporary living facilities, transportation and the cost of returning your RV. You can either select a $750 or $2,000 limit.

 REPLACEMENT COST PERSONAL EFFECTS – Pays up to the specified REPLACEMENT COST limits for loss of, or damage to, your RV contents that are normally used in conjunction with your RV. Loss of, or damage to, certain items outside the RV is covered up to 25% of the Replacement Cost Personal Effects limit purchased. Up to $99,000 of coverage is available with a $100 deductible.

vacation liability insurance  VACATION LIABILITY – Pays up to the specified limits for bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally liable as a result of an accident that occurs while the RV is used as a temporary vacation quarters. Limits available up to $500,000.

utility trailer insurance  UTILITY TRAILER COVERAGE – Provides up to $2,500 of physical damage coverage for utility trailers used in conjunction with the insured motor home.

fire damage insurance  FIRE DEPARTMENT SERVICE CHARGE COVERAGE – If you pay for comprehensive coverage, this coverage pays up to $1,000 for your liability for fire department charges incurred when the fire department is called to save or protect the insured RV.

MOTOR HOME FULL TIMER’S COVERAGE – Provides broader “homeowner-like” coverage while the Motor Home is used as a permanent or primary residence. The coverage includes:

    • Full Timer’s Liability Coverage pays up to the specified limits for bodily injury and property damage for which you may become legally liable.
    • Full Timer’s Medical Payments to Other Coverage pays up to $50,000 for medical expenses of others who are injured because of an accident while on the property occupied by the motor home.
    • Full Timer’s Loss Assessment Coverage pays up to $5,000 for certain assessments charged to the Full Timer while the Full Timer is an owner or tenant of property in an association.

ELUXE PACKAGE – In addition to the diminishing deductible option, this package includes Scheduled Medical Benefits. Scheduled Medical Benefits pays scheduled dollar benefits for Accidental Death and Dismemberment.


You may qualify for the discounts listed below:

    • Safety Course completion
    • Membership in a Recreational Vehicle Association
    • Multi-Policy and Multi-Vehicle Discount – A discount may apply if you have more than one Progressive policy, even if it isn’t a recreational vehicle.
    • Your vehicle has an Anti-Theft Device
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We also offer discounted rates for a number of situations.

    • Mature Operators
    • Baby Boomers
    • Financially Responsible Drivers
    • Casual Users

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